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4 min readAug 4, 2021

While most of the horror classics come from the USA and even Asia. It is important to remember that the old continent also has good genre films. From Italian Giallo to the French fantastic cinema, stopping on some strange cult films that any self-respecting fan of fantasy and horror genres knows.

As we open the call of Sitges Online Pitchbox, our international pitching event focussed on horror, sci-fi or fantastic features and series, from Filmarket Hub we want to recommend these 10 European horror films that might inspire you & your project:


A young Catherine Deneuve suffers from contradictory feelings of attraction and repulsion towards men, which causes her hallucinations. Polanksi stepped out of his frontiers and moved towards a psychological drama with a surrealist nightmarish styled movie for which he gained the Silver Bear and the Price of the Jury at the Berlinale.


A Strange, colourful and out-gutting movie in equal forms. It’s become a reference for the likes of Hot Fuzz (2007) or Midsommar (2019) and is a favourite of Tim Burton. Its director, Robin Hardy, never managed to get over the etiquette of his cult film and barely managed to shoot two films that went completely ignored. A classic you need to see to study how to make fascinating things with a small budget.


Dario Argento reached the prize of Best Director in Sitges with this story. A music composer and a journalist, with a lot of sexual tension in between them, come together to investigate a wave of murders that terrified the city of Rome. A must-see of Italian horror cinema.




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