As we begin to wrap up 2021, we are delighted to present our annual ‘Excellent Scripts List’, submitted to the Filmarket Hub platform in 2021.

The list includes TV pilots and feature film scripts that were awarded a certificate of excellence through our Script Analysis service. These scripts stood out for their writing style and other elements such as characters, premise, structure, dialogue, originality and a strong sense of writer’s voice.

Additionally, it showcases the winners and finalists from our international screenwriting contests: emerging screenwriters with fresh voices that we want to recommend to the industry.

All of these scripts are available on our online marketplace, ready to be matched with the right partners for further development.

How can I gain a Filmarket Hub Certificate of Excellence for my script?

Certificates are awarded if you gain a score higher than 8 out of 10 through one of our script analysis services. You could also be awarded the certificate as a winner, finalist or semi-finalist of one of Filmarket Hub’s international screenwriting contests.

What are the benefits of the Excellent Script certificate?

If awarded, your script will be invited to join Filmarket Hub’s online marketplace where it will be featured in the Excellent Scripts section of the website. It will also be recommended via mail outs to Filmarket Hub’s international database of producers and companies. Additionally, the project ‘one page’ will be included in the annual ‘Excellent Scripts List’, distributed to all the Filmarket Hub community.

Congratulations to all the 2021 Excellent Scripts! We look forward to discovering many more in 2022!





The online platform that makes film projects come true! Online Film Market of scripts and co-production #MakeProjectsHappen

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Filmarket Hub

Filmarket Hub

The online platform that makes film projects come true! Online Film Market of scripts and co-production #MakeProjectsHappen

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