Filmarket Hub’s Feature Film 2020 Screenwriting Contest SEMI-FINALISTS!

After careful consideration from the jury, we are delighted to announce the six semi-finalists of our 2020 Screenwriting Contest for English language feature films.

Three of them will go through to the final round, after which we will announce the winner. Stay tuned to our social media for the upcoming announcements of the finalists (March 17) and the winner (March 24).

Six fresh voices with great film scripts. Who will go through to the final round?


  • Exiles

Written by Mary Waireri

Genre: Thriller

Country: United Kingdom

Logline: A British doctor returns to Kenya, the country she fled as a young girl, when her twin brother suddenly goes missing while investigating a mysterious conspiracy.

  • Obscura

Written by Carlos Marín

Genre: Horror

Country: Mexico

Logline: Elena used to be the church’s main investigator. Now she must follow a demon as it gathers seven religious artifacts which aren’t supposed to exist. If these ancient objects ever come to light, the church’s darkest secrets will be revealed, changing history forever.

  • Peakland

Written by Lawrence Pumfrey

Genre: Western

Country: United Kingdom

Logline: A gritty British-Western that follows an ex-mining family — now bandits — as they seek revenge by kidnapping the daughter of their wrongdoer.

  • Picking Up Porter Douglas

Written by Ann LeSchander

Genre: Comedy

Country: United States

Logline: An aspiring singer is thrilled when she is hired to drive opera star Porter Douglas to his sold-out concert in upstate New York — until the carousing tenor goes AWOL.

  • Recoil

Written by Robert Armanyous

Genre: Drama · Thriller

Country: United Kingdom · Canada

Logline: Two survivors of a school shooting form an unhealthy romance and begin using guns to recover from their mutual trauma.

  • The Defender

Written by Gary J Hewitt

Genre: Drama · Thriller

Country: Scotland

Logline: An alcoholic vigilante comes face to face with her demons while tracking down criminals tied to her past.

We are honoured to have Dionne Farrell (Development executive at BBC Films), Karol Griffiths (Development consultant and script editor) and Louisa Minghella (Media agent at Blake Friedmann Literary Agency) on this year’s jury panel.

Many thanks to all who submitted scripts and congratulations to all involved!

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