Filmarket Hub’s Feature Film 2021 Screenwriting Contest WINNER!

After careful consideration from the jury, we are delighted to announce the WINNER of our 2021 Screenwriting Contest for English language feature films!

  • The Night Letters

Written by Tim Coleman

Genre: Horror

Country: United Kingdom

Logline: A young Afghan boy lives in fear of the Taliban — who are seeking to recruit him as a suicide bomber — but also of a monster he believes stalks the countryside at night.

The winner will receive a 2.000€ cash prize, a place with the finalists at the next Filmarket Hub UK Online Pitchbox and an invitation to pitch at FEST — Pitching Forum. They will also get a script development and career coaching session with Karol Griffiths — a development producer, consultant and script editor working internationally.

The two other finalists will receive 500€ each and all three finalist scripts will be read by the contest’s executive partners; Film4 (‘The Favourite’, ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’), Lone Wolf Studios (‘Amanda Knox’, ‘Bad Hombres’), Number 9 Films (‘Carol’, ‘Youth’) and Protagonist Pictures (‘The Lobster’, ‘Cold War’).

We were honoured to have Catherine Freeman (Development Executive at Ruby Rock Pictures), Malak El Gonemy (Development Executive at FilmNation UK) and Mark Brennan (Literary Agent at United Agents) as this year’s jury panel.

The shortlist of semi-finalists and finalists includes:


  • Ability

Written by Benedict Cohen

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Country: United Kingdom

Logline: When a corrupt official steals their benefits, a veteran amputee must convince an oddball crew of disability claimants to help him pull off a heist.

  • Antibody

Written by Jason Collin

Genre: Thriller

Country: United Kingdom

Logline: A tormented father kidnaps the anti vaccine conspiracy theorist he holds responsible for his son’s terminal illness and vows to expose his lies.


  • Battlescar

Written by Mercedes Arturo, Nico Casavecchia and Pablo Sternbach

Genre: Drama

Country: Argentina

Logline: NY 1977, Lupe and Debbie, two teenage musicians from opposite sides of the tracks, will be bound together by punk rock music, embarking themselves on a journey full of dreams and asses to kick.

  • Going T*ts Up!

Written by Jay Wheddon

Genre: Drama

Country: United Kingdom

Logline: A genre-busting Brit flick that delivers. Based on the true story of an average man whose life is turned upside down when diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • The Expatriates

Written by Katherine Street

Genre: Drama

Country: United States

Logline: In the Spring of 1929, a young Black couple visit Paris to find a sense of meaning, belonging, and a more promising future — but they cannot quite shake everything they left behind.

Thank you to all of you who submitted scripts and congratulations to the finalists!




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The online platform that makes film projects come true! Online Film Market of scripts and co-production #MakeProjectsHappen

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