Most common questions about Filmarket Hub, solved! (Part 1)

As this strange and exhausting year (to describe it somehow) comes to an end, we want to solve some of the most recurring questions we’ve received in 2021. In the company of Andrea Giannone (our CEO) to hopefully put them to rest.

Let’s get started!

What guarantee do I have that my project won’t be stolen?

The first guarantee we can offer you is by how our platform is designed. When you start making the submission of the project, you first must fill in the most important information that will be visible on the One Page. The One Page is the profile of your project when the PRO user can observe the narrative characteristics and the sales aspects of your project. The One Page also serves as a presentation card of your project for the executives, but to be able to access it you will first have to grant them permission. In case the company is interested, you will receive a notification by email so, please make sure you revise it!

On the other hand, from Filmarket Hub we follow which company is interested in knowing more about your project, which have contacted you to see your One Page and which you’ve given access to. We keep a registry to monitor.

To sum up, the One Page is our most secure space and only those with clearance by the project’s owners can access it.

Are the PRO companies actively looking at the projects in the Filmarket Hub market?

There’s no question about it. The PRO Companies that look at projects in Filmarket Hub use filters that are available in the marketplace. They look for projects with concrete features (for instance: Spanish Horror TV Series) and from there they can see the different One PAGES, teasers and loglines of the different projects. If they’re interested in one of these projects, they will send the owner permission to access his One Page and documents. This is why it is so important to work on your One Page on all levels, from making attractive posters and loglines to keeping the project updated — versions, and external validations received (be it selections to labs, contests or pitch calls).

What real opportunities do the recent cinema graduates have in Filmarket Hub?

We aim to offer insight into the dynamics and inner workings of the audiovisual industry as well as offer options to develop their careers. Obtaining the first strenuous noes and the first yesses. The development is a long path that is made easier when it’s been worn by previous travellers and you can follow the steps already taken. Sometimes the new traveller has to improve the creative aspects, oftentimes the project needs more specificity on some selling aspects. Receiving notes from script analysts or producers is essential to this, as much on your projects as on your professional career. And establishing professional links is essential to a network.

We hope that 2022 will be the decisive year for your project!

Be it less uphill than 2021.




The online platform that makes film projects come true! Online Film Market of scripts and co-production #MakeProjectsHappen

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Filmarket Hub

Filmarket Hub

The online platform that makes film projects come true! Online Film Market of scripts and co-production #MakeProjectsHappen

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